I Promise..

I Promise

I always be with you in dark & light.
I always grow myself to make you pride.
I always be on the ground to fly you in the sky.
I always make you smile from day to night.
I always fulfill your dreams you ever wish.
I always hold your hand when no one can.
I always make you shine in the world of gloom.
I always care about your likes and dislikes.
I always respect and love the family we have.
I always love you more then you think.
I always sustain my promise, love and care.
I always place you in my heart and soul….

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About પલ્લવી જોષી

हम है मुसाफीर .. वक़्त हमसफर है.... रास्ते हजारों है. ..... पर मिट्टी ही मंजील है .
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