Oh Beloved!







Oh beloved!

You always rescue me,
Whenever I am lost in the woods of deceiving world..
So easily..

You dig me out
From the depth of my own mind,
Where I have locked myself..
So easily..

You give me the sword of love
And huge wave of turbulence falls in place..
That easily..

You smile, so innocently..

And when I look into your eyes, I realize the beauty of myself..
Thank you, love!

You touch me,
And the world is charming again..
That simply, that easily..

You hug me
And there is serenity, calmness, stability..
Wow.. It’s easy..

And when you kiss me,
Nothing exists except for the truth..
I might have forgotten it for a moment,
But now I remember..
It’s crystal clear.. The truth..
So kiss me..
Ooooooo.. So easily..

I ask you,
How will I ever repay you?
You smile..
Hold me tight..
And say.. Love me back..
This easily..

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  1. Chetna Bhatt says:

    Wah… pyar hoto aisa

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