यह जो देश है तेरा …….

(‘Deeply disappointed ’…सा)
When our respected Prime Minister expressed his ‘deep disappointment’ over Anna Hazare’s fasting, it left me hurt, and the many disappointments that I feel time to time and in our daily routine which gets backtracked with time, started hammering me.
 These are the ‘disappointments’  that I carry and for that matter most of my fellow countrymen also carry, but we do not let our respected PM know (?) all these.
Now, taking this opportunity I would like to let our PM knows how much disappointed we are; I feel disappointed because still after 62 years of independence many of us are still deprived of basic amenities, many do not get food and die of starvation, ‘shelter’ for all is still a ‘dream’, many villages are still without ‘electricity and ‘power-cuts’ & ‘load-shedding’ continue to remind us that ‘development’(?) is still a ‘distant dream’. Even we do not have ‘pucca’ road at many places and wherever they are the condition is not good and the roads are not repaired and maintained properly.
 Atrocities on children have increased, children lost are not traced back, Rape and Ransom killings have become a social menace, cricketers are paid more than the jawans who lost their lives while fighting at border and in house with Maoists, naxalites and mafias.
We are absolutely helpless on the increasing  Crimes, Rape, Ransom killings, Ragging and to add this the 4th evil R of our society –Reservation issues- which freely allows to loot the national property and all innocent suffers on account of road blockages-train blockages etc and moreover nation looses revenue on account of non-functioning of our day to day businesses.

When so many do not get food for even one time our MPs are served with subsidized food. Crores of rupees are wasted due to non-functioning of the Parliament. I feel very disappointed when maximum farmers commit suicide from the state which the Agriculture Minister belongs to. Serious issues are easily politicized to reduce their gravity and public attention is diverted by creating fraction among society and their various groups.
I feel agonized when I cannot call back the non-performing and corrupt MPs and replace them with a new one.
When traffic restrictions during Ministers and Prime Minister’s visit left someone die because of not getting medical treatment or reach hospital within time, what should we feel like?

Our jawans are lost to frequently fighting infiltration in Kashmir whereas the likes of Afzal Guru and Kasab enjoy our hospitality in jails. Attack on parliament left many jawans killed and similarly we lost officers like Karkare in terrorist’s attacks but the ‘culprits’ and ‘masterminds ‘ are still alive. Martyr’s families are treated badly; even their widows are treated badly and terrorized by antisocial elements.

Where the common man is struggling to make both ends meet together Corrupted politicians and goons are really enjoying the party. Corruption is scaling newer heights and increased to such an extent that honest officers are burnt alive and harassed to the level that they commit suicide.

And to summarize at last- appointment of corrupt CVC, Sex scandals, sex-for-marks scandals, never ending scams, Inflation, price –rise, killing of RTI activists, aborting girl child, honor killings, Jessica –mattoo murder, nithari case, aarushi case, railway accidents-unmanned railway crossings-crimes in trains, the innumerous murders and rapes reported and not reported, the central agencies and human rights cry for the criminals died in en-counter in Gujarat but sleeps when murders, rapes, burnt alive incidents took place in UP. Environmental issues are also politicized and used to discriminate between states. You as a ‘CEO’ of this country have to own this and responsible for all.

And last but not the least my respected Sir, a person like you instead of supporting Hazare’s movement
And welcoming his step was ‘disappointed’… and this is enough to disappoint all of us.
At least the public has not cheated you; they have given you a second term, But for the FOUR days of Anna’s fast we feel cheated by the ruling party and that too a party like ‘congress’ which took four days  time to agree to Hazare’s demand.
(I have deliberately delayed the publishing of this post, so that the disappointments are not faded with time.  I hope that the list will reduce with time instead of growing further).

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6 Responses to यह जो देश है तेरा …….

  1. palu says:

    its happen only in india….

  2. આશિષ says:

    Very well said sir..

    Nobody is unaware of the amount of the corruption spread all over. Corrupt politicians, police and admin officers are enjoying the misuse of their power and the common man is suffering and struggling… But, who feeds this monster? Its the same common man, who is ready to pay the bribe to these goons for a little favor.. Corruption will not decrease on its own.. WE have to take the initiative.. WE have to deny the bribes.. WE have to be prepared to stand in a queue to get our papers signed (instead of paying the bribe to get them delivered at home..)

    And after this incidence of Anna, we have come to know that we are not alone. People from all over India are ready to do the same..

    Lets just say NO to bribes and corruption and lets pray and hope for the best..

    Thanks for such wonderful thought sir…

  3. હાર્દિક પીઠડીયા says:

    very true sir…

  4. નિરાલી says:

    Truly said ‘Sir’ji..

  5. Anjali says:

    Nice one….


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