Stay +ve n smile..

In dis fast-paced life, when u feel stressed, fed up or alone, just think once..

Why do you think, the life is disgusting?
Isn’t it better, cos it keeps us moving?

Are you sure of end? It may be beautiful turning!
The way to untouched heights, making the life more stunning!

You said your friend is gone! Did you see him leaving?
He may be just behind you, to catch you when you are slipping!

“life is nothing without love”, then why did you stop loving?
Love the way you used to, you’ll feel the love reflecting!

Always think positive, your energy will start spreading!
To drag you to world of happiness, you’ll see your life smiling!

*Edited with suggestion from anjali..

આ રચનાને શેર કરો..
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7 Responses to Stay +ve n smile..

  1. ચેતના ભટ્ટ says:

    “life s nothing without love”, then why did u stop loving?
    Love d way u used 2, u’ll feel d love reflecting!

    very true…jijs
    n u na i m always positive like u, coz i m O+……

  2. Anjali says:

    wow Nirali.. this is absolutely super one.. very positive..
    I’d like to give one suggestion here.. that instead of typing in sms or message language, try to use full words when you write here.. it’ll look good.. isn’t it?

    thanks for sharing your energy…

    keep writing.


  3. આશિષ says:

    Absolutely positive.. I’ve experienced that one of the key to be more positive is to spread the positiveness around.. Practice spreading your positiveness to others and it will grow.

    You’ve done a marvelous job here.

    Keep up..

  4. નિરાલી says:

    @ Chetna, thanks dear.. you are right.. I’m also O+ve..
    so, i suppose our site’s caption should be, Positiveness is in OUR blood..:)

    @ Anjali, thank you very much for your support and suggestion.. will keep it in mind from next time..

    @ aSh, I’ll surely try to spread my positiveness as much as i can.. n thanks for giving me this opportunity to share it with you all..

  5. નિરાલી says:

    Thnx Rohit..

  6. bhojani mustak says:


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