Hello aashmates.. Happy 2012.. Again a hope ( આશ..;) ) that this year we will be able to take our site to the next level.. Hoping for the best.. 🙂

N after a long time, posting one of my poems..


Life is so nice, a heaven if you say..
A very pleasant dawn, with cool breeze n sun-ray!

Life is so beautiful, a nature if you say..
Flowers, leaves, hills, sparkling in rainy day!

Life is so thrilling, a race if you say..
Sometimes you may not win, with others you may!

Life is so interesting, a galaxy if you say..
The sun, the moon, the stars, twinkling in milky way!

Life always keeps going, the water if you say..
Flowing in heights at falls, deep in oceans n bay!

Life is so surprising, a present if you say..
It is god’s blessing, don’t ever run away!


Hope life gives you all that you desire..

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10 Responses to Life..

  1. Nice!!! …. all the best … keep it up in 2012!!

  2. Shabnam khoja says:

    wow….!! its very nice yar..full of LIFE….great job N!R@L!.

  3. naye saal me ham likhege mil kar nayi kahanee
    ham hindustani
    ham hindustani

  4. ચેતના ભટ્ટ says:

    Very nice dear..

  5. Hema says:

    Hope life gives you all that you desire..
    All the best for ur Best Life.
    We want more more n more. :*

  6. નિરાલી says:

    Thanks friends.. Thank you for being in my “life..” 🙂

  7. pakshit says:

    nice ,,,,, love with life without any condition

  8. નિરાલી says:

    @ Pakshit ji: yeah.. true.. Thank you.. 🙂

  9. અપેક્ષા સોલંકી says:

    Wonderful!! Superb!! Awesome!! Excellent!! Amazing!! Lovely!! Sweet!! 🙂

  10. મુસ્તાક says:

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