Life is full of joy and sorrow,
After every today, the hope is tomorrow.

Why are you sad? The day is not bad,
Trust your GOD, then sorrow will fade.

It’s just life’s ups and downs,
Sometimes thorns, sometimes crown.

Only in the deep dark,
The ray of hope will spark..!

Never ever say I am unable,
Coz impossible itself says, ” I M Possible”.

So don’t lose hope and stop crying,
Pray to God and keep trying.

If you try than only you rule,
Be like ‘DEW’ , shining and cool..!

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9 Responses to HOPE..

  1. નિરાલી says:

    Wow.. very positive.. remembered my ‘stay +ve n smile”.. 😉 🙂

  2. Shabnam Khoja says:

    ya.. i remember..nd thanx.. 🙂 🙂

  3. Very positive n nice one.. I think you are very comfortable with writing in any language.. Good.. Keep up..

  4. Shabnam Khoja says:

    thank u so much dear…still trying to write something nice as u all.. 🙂

  5. પલ્લવી જોષી says:


  6. Shabnam Khoja says:

    thank u.

  7. જયદિપ લિમ્બડ , મુંદરા (કચ્છ) says:

    Your ideas are very good,
    I liked , Very good attempt ,

  8. Shabnam Khoja says:

    thank u sir..

  9. ‘आशा’ ही ‘जीवन’ है!

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