True friend..

On this lovely occasion of “friendship day” dedicating this poem to all the “aashmates” & my special friends..

A friend is the one, who cares for your feeling;
The one, with whom, your wounds start healing!

When your life’s boring, a friend can make it thrilling;
A warm, careful hug, when things make you chilling!

One, who reads your silence, by thoughts & memories stealing;
A strong punch to those, who start your fleshes drilling!

You’ll find’m by your side; even when you’re unwilling;
& when it comes to sorry, always say first by kneeling!

If you’re alone, without’m; longing will start you killing;
& when you found the true friend, the life & joy start dealing!!!

Happy Friendship Day my dearest friends.. Love you.. :*

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7 Responses to True friend..

  1. Nice lines to grace the ‘freindship’ day!

  2. shabnam khoja says:

    it’s just amaging yar…. ..
    tussi gr8 ho dearji… 🙂

  3. નિરાલી says:

    Thank you friends.. 🙂

  4. Wow! Nice one dear..

    N i’m happy to have a true friend like you.. Love you.. Ummwaaaaaah.. :*

  5. હાર્દિક પીઠડીયા says:

    very nice niraliji…………

    frnds r d mst imp prt of our life bcz true frnd care us shr wid us…
    nd u hv wrtn nice on d frnds…..

    like it…..:-)

  6. નિરાલી says:

    Thanks aps n hardik..

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