I am really proud to present you one more Aash mate…

Enjoy the first one from Apeksha….

(more details in her Bio…)


The perfect morning arrived at the end of night,
With cool breeze, rhythm of nature, the day was bright!

I lifted my gaze above, saw, two leaves started to fight,
One fell down, enjoying its lazy flight!

I was waiting for you, when you entered in my sight,
I heard my heartbeats, except that everything was quiet!

You set besides me, made me feel alright,
You whispered “I love you”, and held my hands tight!

The harmony between our love and nature was at its height,
You are the one, who lead my life on the path, which is right!

I love you my dear, and have loved you as much as I might,
I promise you, I’ll do everything, which will make you feel delight!

-Apeksha Solanki..

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13 Responses to Promise

  1. Anjali says:

    Welcome on board dear…
    And, very nice one to start with!

    Keep up!!

  2. ચેતના ભટ્ટ says:

    Heartly welcome in “NAI AASH”
    In first time very good attempt..Keep it up..!!!

  3. Hema says:

    Hi Apeksha……
    Superb lines by u…..
    Very Heartly Welcome… 🙂

  4. આશિષ says:

    Welcome Aps..

    Your presence will definitely add a new dimension to Nai-aash…

    Keep writing..

    and thanks for joining…

  5. vivek says:

    hi sis
    u r getting better day by day..
    wonderful lines.. keep up the good work

  6. નિરાલી says:

    First of all a very big thanks to all for welcoming my sis on “aash”..
    N aps, a very warm welcome dear n thanks for joining us with such a sweet poem..

    “Aash” has been a thread to scattered pearls n i’m very glad that now you are also a part of us.. 🙂

    N now about your poem.. it’s wonderful, as usual.. Hope you get your dream ‘promise’ come true.. 😉

  7. Hello everyone.. Thank you very much for such a warm n hearty welcome.. I’m feeling very honoured..

    Thank you Nirali for your suggestion of joining “aash” n introducing me to your friends..

    Thank you sir for making my profile.. n thanks all for the precious comments..

    I’ll try to be the glittering pearl.. n here is another “promise” that i’ll keep posting my creations.. Take care..

  8. Scrapwala says:

    Welcome Apeksha, and now i would like to have one promise….that you keep up the good work going and keep writing! (i hope u hv got my earlier verbal congrats conveyed to u)

  9. Thank you very much Avinashji.. N yup, i’v already promised that i’ll keep writing and posting.. N yes, I received your earlier congrats.. Thanks again..

  10. હાર્દિક પીઠડીયા says:

    wel come in nai aash ….
    superb lines…
    keep it up….

  11. N.D.Solanki says:

    It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction when in spite of your busy schedules, you find time to write such good poems.. Very good attempt.. Please keep it up always.. I’m proud of U my dear..

  12. bhojani mustak says:


  13. @daddy: Thank you very much for visiting n appreciating my little effort.. I’m sooooooo happy.. Love you..

    @hardik @mustakbhai: thank you.. 🙂

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