यह जो देश है तेरा..

Hi Aashmates..

I am creating a new Column (category), where I will be posting short notes/comments quite regularly..

Here is the first one:

Yeh Jo desh hai tera…

For the India-England world cup match at Bangalore people have to face lathi-charge from police and many were injured as there was heavy rush for the tickets. People started pouring at the ticket-window from early night and stand there for hours, but tickets were declared full within minutes of opening of the ticket window. However tickets were available in black (as it is the case always).

Had we shown this type of enthusiasm and rush at the polling booths during polling (which is the biggest festival of the democracy) and to cast our votes, may be we would have got a better treatment today and not ended up with beating and stampedes, black marketing of tickets and corruption in the game of cricket…

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