My friend..

Hello friends.. Everyone has been busy these days including me (a bit, of course)..  Not getting time to write a new poem.. So posting this one which i wrote months ago.. & which is one of my favourites.. 😉 Hope you enjoy..

My friend, to you, I always surrender..
How I got you, it’s thing to wonder!

Being with you, I can fight the thunder..
& it’s true, I don’t make any blunder!

Of our friendship, you’re the founder..
& so, I’ll never, make you feel offender!

Having you in it, the life has been splendour..
Cos you’re the one, who have always been so tender!

So, my friend, to you, I surrender..
How I got you, I still wonder!!

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15 Responses to My friend..

  1. Anjali says:

    You really are a very generous artist, who take care about her fans!!

    Thanks for this wonderful poem..
    Happy last day of 2010 to you..

    And, happy new year in advance..
    May 2011 be very love filled..

    may you all get all the love, peace, progress and gr8 health, so that fans like me can enjoy your fine creations…

    Love you..

  2. નિરાલી says:

    Thank you very much Anjali for your forever support to all 0f us.. We enjoy putting our creations here just cos of friends like you..

    And you know what? 2010 was one of the best years of my life cos this year i got soooooo nice friends in my life.. You, Chetna, Hema, Hardik, Avinashji, Ushma di.. I’m so glad to have all of you in my life.. Love you all.. I’ll always miss this year..

    But of course, ready for new year 2011 and ready for new creations.. new moments.. new memories.. new happiness..

    So, a very happy new year to all.. Please be there for me this year and every coming year cos i’ll always be here.. 🙂

    • ચેતના ભટ્ટ says:

      hey Nirali i also feel like ,coz in 2010 we all met new frndz…through this blog n in a such small time we all r being a part of eachothers life…so a big thanks to Ash..who made this blog n given chance to us …
      Thanks for this lovely poem coz..i thought it was for me…FRIEND,n
      Happy new year to all my Ashmates…Have a lovely peaceful n promising n fulfilling new year 2011..

  3. Hema says:

    Wow!!!! Wonderful Nirali n Wonderful her creations….
    2010 was superb 4 me also … cause i also got friends like UUUUU n Anjali…
    so sweet both of u….
    Very Happy New Year to all n yes we want new creations from all n special from u dear..

    Love u all 🙂

  4. Anjali says:

    Yup.. fully agreed Hems.. Its been very long time I’v been frnd wid Ashish, but we’v never been so close ever before..
    So, its Nai-Aash…
    Lets hope, 2011 get us many more Aashmates..

    and, for that.. all of you need to keep writing..!

  5. નિરાલી says:

    @chetna: Of course, it’s for you dear.. for all my sweet and special friends.. 🙂
    N yeah, absolutely right.. The credit goes to one n only ‘aSh’..! Just cos of him we all have been so close to each other.. Thanks for the appreciation.. Love you..

    @hema: Thank you very much dear.. It’s so kind of you..
    I’m also very happy to be in touch with you.. Please always be in touch.. Love you so much..
    N yeah, promise you’ll have so many creations from me this year.. one is already ready.. 😉

    @anjali.. Yup.. It’s aash.. 🙂

  6. હાર્દિક પીઠડીયા says:

    so nice niraliji………. sory for lt comnt bcz of exam… bt its very nce n ya also 2010 is also lucky for me cz i also get the frnds aashmates……..

  7. નિરાલી says:

    Thank you very much hardik.. And yeah, we all are luckiest to be in touch with each other through ‘aash’..

  8. archana bhatt says:

    hi,nirali its a really……..heart touch nd mind blowing creation.i like this so……………………………………..

  9. આશિષ says:

    Looking back now, I think I had no idea how wonderful moment it was when the thought of this blog first came to my mind.. I had no idea Nai-Aash will go this far.. It was made possible only because of Chetu n Nirali.. (and Hems of course).. everyone has equal share.. Must also mention wonderful efforts by Hardu n Avinashji to keep this blog alive.. And, our fan Anjali, who alwayz have something special to comment in all our posts (that too almost first of all)…

    So, this new year 2011, lets strengthen this bond of Friendship.. and take “Nai-Aash” to its new heights..

    Bring out the best of you..

    • નિરાલી says:

      Right dear.. That must have been the moment of blessing.. Just cos of that moment we all are together here.. n just like you said, we’ll surely make our friendship more strong this year..
      But dear, now we are waiting for post by you.. Hope you’ll get free soon..

  10. bhojani mustak says:

    યારી કજે યાર સે જોકો યાર સરીખત હોય સુકી કાઠી સુરખન જી જુકો બુન્ધ ન છડે પોય જ ગટ ગટન્ધલ હોય……….

    • નિરાલી says:

      મિત્ર એવો શોધવો જે ઢાલ સરીખો હોય,
      સુખમા પાછળ પડી રહે ને દુ:ખ મા આગળ હોય.. 🙂
      Thank you very much..

  11. જયદિપ લિમ્બડ , મુંદરા (કચ્છ) says:

    Verrrrrrrry Niceeeeeeeeee

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