My first poem on this blog is dedicated to you.. 🙂


Sweet like honey, precious like money..
Every time rocking, every time funny..

Ever he laughs & laughs like a mad..
Never he cries, never he’s sad..

Go for a mile or search for a while..
U’ll never find face that always smile..

So much talkative, so good creative..
& d blood which is 100% positive..

If you’re in tension, if you’re in stress..
He can make you cheer, meet him, he’s d aSh..

Whenever i lie, whenever i fake..
I’ve a tear, oops, now I’ll have a lake.. 😉

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6 Responses to aSh…

  1. hey nirali its very true my jiju is same like ur poem …good nirali.

  2. thnx a lot Nirali for ths very special poem! But its more than U than Me! Only U can do this!

    Keep writin!

  3. Anonymous says:

    very nice

  4. bhojani mustak says:


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